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I am a man
Turned god
Through will alone
You stole my heart
And so I roamed
Not out of vengeance
But to Reclaim
The drum that beat
Within my chest
Taken by righteous talons
Of crimson flames
I sought you out
Without disdain
But you mocked me
With who you claimed
Your death merely
The start of my books end
So I stood in front of the man
Who forges life
And watches over our land
Challenged by his thorny tongue
Yet the drum spurs me on
Now I am a god
Through will alone
Yet this is not
The path I chose
So my story
Ends by my hand
The beating stopped
Silence at last
This is for a game I recently got and have been playing ritually lately
I recommend trying it out and if you want any help just ask for my PSN
Angel-Of-Solace Featured By Owner Jul 3, 2012
brilliant, and beatiful. you have captured the soul of the game in your words.
BoriStonecutter Featured By Owner Jul 2, 2012
So powerful... I shall keep it close...
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